Heavy machinery comes at a cost and maintenance helps to protect your investment. Our equipment is designed to withstand the rigours of any job, large or small. From hot water degreasing to on-board water supply, we’re experts at everything relating to heavy machinery and earth moving. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck on site, we can carry water on board to get the job done. Our services are specifically designed to ensure that your machinery is cleaned professionally, safely, and with the utmost expertise in the field.

Our advanced hot water system enables us to effectively eliminate waxy residue from your machinery without compromising its structural integrity. We employ low-pressure cleaning techniques that carefully dislodge and remove wax, guaranteeing thorough results while safeguarding your equipment from any potential damage. With our meticulous approach, you can have peace of mind knowing that your machinery will be restored to its optimal condition.

We go beyond the surface to provide deep cleaning and degreasing services for heavy machinery. Our specialized techniques and industry-grade products are designed to eliminate built-up grime, grease, and contaminants that can hinder the efficiency and performance of your equipment. Our meticulous approach ensures that your machinery operates at its best, delivering optimal results for your business.


ENHANCED EFFICIENCY: Over time, heavy machinery can accumulate layers of dirt, oil, and grease, which can impede its functionality. Our deep cleaning and degreasing process removes these stubborn substances, improving your equipment’s overall efficiency and performance. You can expect increased productivity and reduced downtime by restoring its optimal condition.

EXTENDED LIFESPAN: Regular deep cleans and degreasing enhance performance and contribute to the longevity of your machinery. Removing the build-up of contaminants at grease points prevents corrosion, wear, and tear, ultimately extending the lifespan of your equipment. This helps you avoid costly repairs or premature replacements, saving you valuable time and resources.

SAFETY COMPLIANCE: Deep cleaning and degreasing are crucial for maintaining a safe working environment. Accumulated grease and grime can increase the risk of accidents, such as slips or machinery malfunctions. Our thorough cleaning process ensures that your equipment meets safety standards, reducing the potential for workplace incidents and ensuring the well-being of your operators.

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Various industries have specific regulations regarding equipment cleanliness and maintenance. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in penalties or legal consequences. By using experts in the field, you can be confident that our cleaning and degreasing services meet the necessary industry standards, helping you stay compliant with regulations.


We offer a plethora of truck washing solutions. These include wash and shine fleet service and comprehensive degreasing cleans with the use of our mobile wash system and equipment. Our proven methods and market-leading products result in an exceptionally high quality of cleaning across prime movers, trailers, box trucks, tankers, garbage trucks and more.


Head to each job in south-east Queensland in comfort thanks to our interior cleaning services. We understand that you spend ample time inside your trucks and appreciate them being clean. Our products and equipment ensure your interiors are well maintained and cleaned to a world-class standard. Put your feet up and take it easy as our mobile services perform a quality clean for you which sets a new benchmark.